Thermal Imaging

Residential Inspections

Aerial thermal infrared inspection services for residential properties. Spot heat leakage, water damaged areas, and collect valuable data for repairs.

Rooftop Inspections

Inspect rooftop elements including the top membrane, flashings, metal edges and more for heat leakage, moisture damage, or other issues using infrared drone imagery.

Solar Panel Inspections

Use industry-leading thermal imaging technology and infrared drone cameras to spot & replace damaged panels for instant ROI.

Agricultural Inspections

Assess crop quality and understand crop health using RGB and Multispectral cameras. Get a complete orthomosaic view of your fields.

Electrical Inspections

Inspect substations and outdoor electrical facilities with thermal imagery. Uncover areas with excess heat and prevent component failures.

Custom Requests

Get decision-making data from detailed aerial images of whatever your project requires. We’ll work with you to make sure we capture the images you need to get the data you are looking for.

The Best Building Diagnostics

Uncover Hidden Damage

Thermal imagery allows you to truly understand the condition of your home. You can spot excessive temperature differentials which can indicate problem areas, uncover hidden moisture damage, and identify heat leakage problems with infrared photos.

Full 360º View

Using drones allows you to get a complete 360º thermal view of your home effortlessly. Assess the condition of exterior walls, windows, and rooftops in a time and cost-efficient manner for a detailed report on your home

Thermal Rooftop Inspections

Prevent problems before they get worse

Easily assess the condition of your rooftop with thermographic imaging. Our drones can fly over your rooftop and capture high-resolution infrared photos with high detail. Spot anomalies and identify water damage, heat leakage, or other potential problems. If left untreated, many rooftop problems can get worse and more costly, causing leaks, mold, and rot.

Cost Efficient. Time Efficient. Liability Efficient.

Performing rooftop inspections with drones is a faster, safer, and more time-efficient way to gather the valuable data you need. Reduce liability risk and enjoy faster turnaround.

Instant ROI for Solar

Spot Defects. Maximize Efficiency.

Maximize the output and efficiency of your solar panel array using detailed data from infrared drone imagery.

Infrared scans of PV systems identify individual module and string failures. These damanged panels can then be replaced, ideally within the manufacterer's warranty, and increase the total output of the solar field.

Boost the operating efficiency of your solar fields using drone thermography and see an immediate return on your investment.

Farming Just Got Easier

Aerial Insights for Your Crops

Combine orthomasic mapping with multispectral imaging technology to gain insights on plant health.

New drones are capable of providing a Normalized Diffrence Vegetation Index for powerful crop analysys and for data-driven decisions. Get a live view of your farmland while flying, and compile the imagery later for a complete orthomosaic view with centimeter-level precision.

Allocate your resources efficiently using infrared imaging technology to boost crop yields and performance.